Yoga Bali Ubud Room

Yoga for stress management

Find your balance on and off your mat Talking about stress also means talking about the hormone cortisol. Under normal conditions, your brain slowly releases cortisol into your body to make your muscles work. However, if you’re highly stressed (late for work, deadline due, screaming baby:...

Chromotherapy in Bali

Chromotherapy: Color is Life!

Heal trough color and light with chromotherapy Colortherapy or Chromotherapy is a vibrational healing therapy that use the energy of the color for balance emotions, distress the mind, relax or energize the body. Color is light and light is life! Our biggest healer is the sun,...

Brown rice avantages

A nutritive alternative for white rice

Taking your health into consideration your dietician has warned you against taking up white rice? Are you fed up for not having white rice? So, my dear friend white rice alternative can be ‘brown rice’. It is much lighter (than white rice). Here are some...

Rice scrub natural

Rice Scrubs for Perfect Skin

Natural homemade organic Rice scrubs for keep your skin young, beautiful and healthy. One of the secret for keep your skin young hydrated and healthy is to peel regularly. Depending of your skin type you can exfoliate and peel once a week or two times a...

Meditation how to

Take a breath ! Learn how balance stress and emotions

How many times did we forget to take a deep breath? While we are working, facing stressful situations, or emotional unbalance, our breathing can be our best remedy. Deep breathing infuses the blood with extra oxygen and also stimulates the body to release tranquilizing endorphins. It...

rice vegetable recipe

Healthy recipe with rice

In order to reap the benefits of optimal health you must first embrace all of the modern characteristics associated with a healthy lifestyle, which is why diet and nutrition are so important. Healthy foods are so important which is why we’ll be looking at a...

Balinese massage BKR

The Balinese Massage “Relax your muscles”

Massage techniques are appreciated by people all over the world as they assist in soothing the stretched muscles. Balinese massage is a special relaxing technique that involves a number of processes to comfort people’s tense nerves. It is famous throughout the world because of the...

Combat anxiety with food

5 Foods to Combat Anxiety

Food is a great stress buster. We all have our comfort foods and most of us have a tendency to reach for them when anxious. Food affects the way we think, behave and react and it can have a calming as well as a stimulating effect depending on our intake. Some foods can really help relieve stress and anxiety and they have a broader impact on our health if consumed for a longer term. Choosing such foods can lower the need for medication over time  and help to lead a healthier lifestyle.