08 Feb

3 Cleansing Ways to Start Your Day

Want to start your morning on the right foot? A great way to do that is by having a regular morning wellness routine. While we always recommend meditation and/or yoga for mindfulness in the morning, here are three other beneficial ways to cleanse your body and spirit each day.

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#1 Support Digestion With Tongue Scraping

If you look in the mirror at your tongue each morning, you’ll likely see white/yellow stuff on it, especially towards the back. In the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, this is known as amma, toxins that affect the digestive system.

Too much amma on the tongue can lead to problems with hunger or weight gain, bloating, and fatigue. By tongue scraping, you can remove some of this each morning and help improve your overall health!

Tongue scrapers are usually quite cheap and be purchased at many stores or online. Look for them near the toothbrushes. They’re usually made of metal and are curved with two handles. Use them by scraping the tongue from back to front a few times each morning to remove the amma. Rinsing the scraper in between.

#2 Exfoliate and Support Blood Flow With Body Brushing

Body brushing is what it sounds like: using a specific brushing across the whole body. There are several benefits of doing this:

  • Moving lymph fluid. The lymphatic system is a big part of our immune system. We have lymph vessels that run throughout the body just under the skin, and they move lymph fluid throughout the body. This is important for detoxing, but sometime the body needs a little help. Dry brushing can help stimulate lymph flow and increase detoxification.
  • Less cellulite. Some people have experienced reduction in cellulite from dry brushing. This may be because the act helps stimulate and move blood through the skin to improve cellulite appearance.
  • Exfoliation. The firm bristles of a dry brush are great for exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin. This helps smoothen and soften skin, bringing out its natural glow!

Look for a brush made specifically for dry brushing. It should have firm bristles made from natural ingredients and a sturdy handle that makes it easy to reach all parts of the body. If you can’t find one in stores near you, there are plenty of places online.

Dry brushing is great morning routine. If you shower each morning, dry brush before that. Start at your feet and brush in long, smooth strokes toward the heart. Move up your legs, then start with your hands and move up the arms.

Brush every part of your body, making sure the pressure isn’t too hard. Your skin might be light pink afterwards, but dry brushing should never hurt. Start gently, and avoid brushing too hard.

#3 Protect Yourself from Pollution with a Sinus Cleanse

There is dust and pollution in the area, no matter where you live. This can take a toll on your sinuses, causing allergy-related issues in many of us. Doing a sinus cleanse can help you breathe more easily and open up your airways!

Doing a sinus cleanse is quick and simple, but make sure you use purified mineral water and not tap water. Cup the water into your hands and sniff it up your nose. Try to sniff it up just to below your eyebrow (this might take some practice).

Then, blow your nose to remove any junk. First thing in the morning is the best time to do it, but some people might benefit from doing it a second time during the day.

Try these methods to start your day off feeling cleansed and grounded. For even more wellness tips and news on beautiful Bali, check out the other articles on our Blue Karma Resort blog.

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