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4 Common Myths About Detoxing

Many people are turning to detoxing as a way to improve their health and wellbeing. That’s great because there are many great reasons to do a detox, but we wanted to share some of the most common myths we hear about detoxing and why they’re just that: myths.

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Myth #1 It’s a Quick Fix for Back Habits

While detoxing can be helpful for “resetting” the body and getting healthier, it’s not a one-time solution that will instantly make you healthier. Many people turn to detoxes after holidays hoping the detox will fix any damage done before going back to healthy habits. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite like that.

But detox retreats like the ones at Blue Karma ARE designed to give you a refresh and encourage healthier choices going forward. And since it’s set in the beautiful vacation destination of Bali, you can detox both your body and your mind with a relaxing environment. In that way, it’s a great step in the right direction. Many people need a little extra boost to get there.

Myth #2 Detoxing Isn’t Necessary

While our bodies do perform detoxing functions on their own, sometimes they need a little help. That’s because today we are exposed to more toxins in our food and environment that humans were before. Our organs were not designed to deal with the amount of toxins we’re dealing with in modern times.

Our foods are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, our air is polluted, and many of us ingest products that are not natural or proven to be safe long-term. Engaging in periodic detoxes can help our bodies cut through all the junk and work and feel better!

Myth #3 Detoxing Makes You Feel Awful

While there can be some initial side effects during a detox, the overall benefits outweigh any discomfort. But to reduce the downsides of a detox, here are some things you can do:

  • Cut out certain things beforehand. About a week before starting your detox, consider eliminating or at least reducing foods with addicting qualities. This can include sugar, coffee or other caffeine drinks, dairy, and gluten. This will help your body get used to going without and reduce any withdrawal symptoms during the detox time.
  • Plan to take it easy. If possible, plan to have a less-full calendar during the time of your detox. You’ll probably notice you’re a little more tired once you start. That’s because your body will need to extra rest as it cleanses. The ideal situation would be to make a vacation out of it, such as joining a detox retreat that lets you relax, reduce your worries, and have someone else provide your detoxing foods or juices.

Myth #4 Detoxing is All About Cleansing

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Part of detoxing does involve sustaining from certain foods, yes. It gives your body a break from the barrage of daily stressors from unhealthy foods. But there’s a second part to detoxing: nutrition.

Most detoxes involve drinking nutrient-rich fruit and/or vegetable juices. This gives your body back the nutrients it so desperately needs and that detoxing process makes them easier to absorb. That’s why it’s important to choose a detox program that works for you and includes real food nutrition at some point.

At Blue Karma Resort, we offer a Detox Luxury Retreat designed to help you detox in mind and body during a three-night stay in our Bali resort.

The retreat includes cold-pressed juices or a full board of raw food protocol, daily yoga classes and spa treatments, a daily breakfast buffet, and a once-in-a-lifetime purification ritual at Sebatu Sacred Waterfalls. You can find out more here.

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