20 Apr

6 Canggu Restaurants You Have to Try

Ready to try some good eats? Check out what we have lined up for you.


photo credit: Canteen Cafe

#1 Canteen Cafe

Canteen is a great spot for grabbing some delicious breakfast or lunch. It’s also very popular, so plan to get there early and know there might be quite a wait for a table. Keep in mind as well that they close at 3:00 pm.

Menu items include:

* French toast and hot cakes
* Oatmeal & granola
* Scrambled eggs
* Fruit salad
* Breakfast plates
* Baguettes
* Paninis
* Burgers
* Salads
* Laksas
* Sweet treats

Favorites include the breakfast bagel, burgers, and feta basil scrambled eggs.

#2 Old Man’s Restaurant

Grab a bite to eat as you enjoy the Canggu waters! Old Man’s is located right by Batu Bolong beach and is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour. The food is fresh and menu showcases a variety of options. There’s everything for everyone—perfect for a diverse group with different wants and needs.

Menu items include:

* Starters like nachos, quesadillas, calamari, fish cakes, chips, and buffalo wings
* Breakfast items
* Burgers
* Salads
* Pasta dishes
* Fish and chips
* Asian dishes
* Sides
* Beers, wines, and cocktails

Menu items are a little pricier than some other eating places in Canggu, but still reasonable for the quality and amount of food you get.

#3 Deus Ex Machina

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, weekly parties, entertainment dining… You name it, well, this place is great for it. The high vibes combined with the exceptional food makes it a great place to kick back and enjoy a great burger with your squad. Their large outdoor seating area also makes the location great for live music and movie nights outside.

Menu items include:

* Breakfast burritos
* Eggs and bacon
* Chia pudding
* Fruit salads and smoothie bowls
* Pastries
* Coffee
* Seafood (local)
* Burgers (meat, fish, and veggie options)
* Meat dishes
* Healthy salads
* Pastas and pizzas

Deus Ex Machina provides many great options for both vegetarians and carnivores alike.

#4 Dandelion Café

Delightful and quirky are good words to describe Dandelion Café’s atmosphere. An eclectic building overlooking the Canggu rice fields, surrounded by a gorgeous garden (complete with rabbits!) is where you can enjoy the best tastes of Bali and Indonesian cuisine. The ambiance is friendly and the prices are affordable.

Menu items include:

* Eggs benedict
* Toast dishes
* Chicken dumplings
* Spring rolls
* Tofu curry
* Octopus
* Chicken wings
* Grilled prawn
* Tuna
* Wines
* Desserts

#5 Warung Varuna

This is a great place to get large amounts of good-tasting, quality food for a price that can’t be beaten! You really can’t go wrong with whatever you order, and staff members are extremely friendly. Some call it the best dinner spot Canggu has to offer! To enjoy a stunning view while you eat, head on up to the second floor.

Menu items include:

* Omelettes
* Breakfast dishes
* Pancakes
* Noodle, rice, and other Asian dishes (both meat and vegetarian options)
* Sandwiches
* Corn fritters
* Desserts
* Hot teas, coffees, juices, smoothies, and milkshakes

#6 Betelnut Café

Betelnut is THE PLACE to find eats that are healthy, delicious, and affordable—a combo to which you really can’t say no. If you’re looking for something filling and nutritious, this cafe is the perfect spot to grub. On top of that, you get to enjoy your meal from a little bamboo shack with a perfect view of the rice fields. Oh, and did we mention they have delivery? Yes!

Menu items include:

* Smoothies
* Breakfast wraps
* Falafel wraps and burgers
* Salads
* Mexican dishes
* Curries
* Daily desserts

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