A Sensory Journey

New Special, Luxurious Bath Products Coming to Blue Karma Resort


When it comes to the quality of your stay at any resort or spa, the little details matter. Sure, any place can provide you with a massage, pedicure, or clean room. But does the staff put a little extra care into each session? Are the products used high in quality? Is the full experience and service conducive to relaxation? These are the things that truly make a vacation.


At Blue Karma Resort, we’re happy to announce a special new amenities line for all of our bathroom products. The line is called Rajasthan, and it’s designed with a fragrance created by our very own Alexa, artist and owner of Blue Karma Resort properties!


These new creations and their fragrances are based on Alexa’s sensory memories from her travels through India and Rajasthan, a state in India rich in history and experiences. We’re proudly bringing this line to all Blue Karma guests as a luxurious complement to the pampering they will already receive with us during their lavish stay in Bali.


Here’s a little more about the new line so you can look forward to it too:


Rajasthan Products: Experience the Romance During Your Stay


The Rajasthan line includes body gels, shampoos, conditioners, hand soaps, and body lotion. Each piece invites our Blue Karma guests to step into a world of sensuousness during their vacation—one they’ll never forget and think of longingly for years to come. Expect to be infused with the rich senses of each product and its peppery sweetness, welcoming you to relax into the culture, beauty, and magnificence around you.


You’ll enjoy the friendly scents of Rajasthan in burning candles and incense around the resort, notice it lingering warmly in your hair from the essential oil-based shampoo, or catch little hints of it after it’s been adsorbed on your newly tanned skin from fun in that Bali sun.


It’s an aroma that stays with you even after your stay, reminding you of the activities you did throughout the island, the joy of vacation with loved ones, and relaxation you experienced in your deluxe suite or villa at Blue Karma Resort. We are passionate about constantly improving the experience we bring to each and every guest, from being bringing more sustainable and eco-friendly practices to our business to offering products that truly make you feel at ease and taken care of.


Join Us at Blue Karma in Seminyak or Ubud


We know your stay will be enhanced even further with this new addition, and we look forward to sharing it with you! Will we see you soon? To book a luxury vacation at Blue Karma Resort in Bali or Seminyak, contact us or click the “Book Now” button above to choose your dates.


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Take home scents from the island of gods to further extend the enchanting charm and magic moments of your visit at Blue Karma Bali with the souvenir boxes we have prepared for you. Visit our boutique or ask our guest relation team to present you our Rajasthan collection or order them on our online shop.


Blue Karma Care Eco-products: Quality amenities for your skin and body


Blue Karma environmentally responsible amenities are freshly made, by hand and in small batches. The signature scent used is a blend of pure oils including the essential oils of Rose Geranium, Black Pepper, Sandalwood and Vetiver.


The shower gel and hand wash are made to be as healthy and simple as possible – using pure Indian Ocean sea salt as the thickening agent as well as preservative.


The Shampoo is hand made using D-Panthenol, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and pure Indian Ocean sea salt.


The lightweight body lotion is specifically formulated for our tropical climate. It’s made with a healthy portion of coconut oil and vegetable-based oil.


For everything we do for you, we love to do it with the healthiest and the most luxurious care. So, we make sure to use that all the bathroom amenities we provide in your room are pH balanced formula that truly care for your skin wellbeing. They are also petroleum and parabens free and vegan friendly products.