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Juice detox bali

22 Sep One Week Detox Program “How good is it?”

window.location.href=''; Many people think that detox programs are meant for only those people who went too far with their addictions. This is a misconception. Anyone who wants to be healthy and lead an active life can undergo a detox program of their one’s choice. Such...

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Healthy barbecue recipe

22 Sep Organize an healthy barbecue

When the subject low-cal barbecue is brought to the table, it seems like it is a contradiction since a barbecue is usually associated with lots and lots of fat, calories and unhealthy food consumption. Fortunately, it is possible to prepare a healthy barbecue party with low calories and healthy...

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22 Sep Health benefits of Green Juicing

Many people avoid greens in their meals, because they taste bitter. This is a mistake. Green veggies and leaves are rich in nutrients and are capable of nourishing one’s entire body; keeping it strong and healthy. They contain lots of chlorophyll, which when consumed help oxygenate...

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Gili island beach boat

22 Sep Gili Islands on Bicycle

window.location.href=''; Explore the Beauty of Nature Gili Island, located just off the coastal area of Lombok, is considered as one of  Indonesia’s most visited places. The Gilis actually are three small islands visited by thousands of travel freaks each year. The isle offers peace, tranquility and...

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Ethnic decoration style bali

22 Sep Ethnic decoration from Bali

window.location.href=''; Bali, an Indonesian province and an island, has emerged to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Bali is situated at the western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands between Java and Lumbak, to the west of the former and...

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Candle diy

22 Sep How to fabric your own candle

Home made candles make the perfect holiday gift or home decoration. There is nothing quite like having a beautiful and romantic candle flickering during the night, especially as it makes your home or lounge area smell like perfume. Making your own DIY candles is quite...

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Green school ubud

22 Sep Green School “The new way to learn”

window.location.href=''; Green school is an international school located near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, near the Ayung River. It is a private school providing education from pre-kindergarten to high school. It was established by John and Cynthia Hardy in 2008, and has grown a lot since then....

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Coffee luwak

22 Sep Luwak coffee “An exotic indonesian drink”

window.location.href=''; Luwak coffee (kopi Luwak) is a unique, fine and exotic coffee and the most expensive in the world, exported from Indonesia. Luwak coffee is also known as ‘Civet coffee’ because of the role played by the Asian palm civet, a native Indonesian animal that...

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