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Bali’s Perfect Places for Visiting and Exploring

From the untouched, lush rainforest surrounding you, to the active volcanoes and…., Bali is a place perfect for visiting and exploring. Many people who vacation to Bali are overwhelmed by not only the island’s beauty but also the amount of options here.

For the adventurous soul, there are so many things to do! To help make sure you don’t miss out on the most important experiences, here’s a list of the main Bali points of interest that you don’t want to miss during your visit.

Bathing in the Hot Springs

Bali has many natural hot springs that are a real treat for visitors. Along with the ancient Hindu temples here and the rice paddies available to tour (more on that below), the hot springs offer peacefully bubbling warm waters that the locals have long honored.

Bathing in the springs has been said to help soothe and possibly even cure aches and pains of the body. If you plan to make your vacation to Bali an active one, the springs are not to be missed for a chance to use the natural Earth or ease your sore muscles after a nice hike, which is the next thing we recommend.

Hiking on Mount Batur

Mount Batur is an active volcano and mountain considered sacred by Hindu beliefs. It’s located in the Kintamani District, Bali in Batur village. Those looking for a challenging hike can spend around two hours climbing on Mount Batur, which is 1717 m above sea level.

Many local Bali tours involve an early hike on Mount Batur to view the sunrise from the top followed by a trek through other areas of Bali, such as a traditional coffee plantation (and possible some coffee samples!) or visits to local villages.

Swimming in the Waterfalls

Many of the waterfalls in Bali allow you a chance to relax next to the naturally formed rock pools underneath the streaming waters. You won’t forget the spectacular view around you, perfect for pictures and even painting opportunities for the traveling artist. The waterfalls in Bali range from easily accessible from the road to being very remote in the jungle.

Cycling Around the Island

Whether you’re looking for an actual cycling workout or a more casual ride around Bali, there are many opportunities for cycling on the island. If you do a biking tour with Bali Eco Cycling, you’ll be able to view the “real Bali” that lets you learn more about the culture here and what life is truly like.

You can either do a challenging tour with more intense terrain or follow a more family-friendly tour that appropriate for younger kids.

Bali Cycling Tour with Blue Karma

White Water Rafting

Ride on the gorgeous Agung River for some adventure and a view of the beautiful waters and nature of Bali. You’ll find opportunities to take rafting tours that people of all ages can enjoy.

white water rafting Bali

Walking Around Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan Lake is surrounded by beautiful green hills and runs near Buyan Lake. You can trek around and near the lake for a true ‘in the jungle’ feeling. You’ll find an area to park if you drive to the lake and areas for fishing, boat rentals, and areas to simply sit and enjoy the view of the waters.

Walking Through the Rice Paddies

The Bali rice terraces are a dominant part of the scenery here due to rice farming that has been happening for centuries. The rice paddies show the intricate system set up by the Balinese, and they provide a pretty and interesting view you don’t want to miss.


Use this list as your reference for Bali points of interest you don’t want to miss when you plan your trip itinerary. And if you want to avoid planning it all out yourself and make things easy, we offer a three-night Natural Wonders of Bali package that includes each of these places! Find out more here.

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