11 Jan

4 Balinese Healing Remedies to Improve Your Life

Bali has a long history of holistic healing therapies used by Balian, their traditional healers. Using natural ingredients and ancient wisdom, these traditional remedies are seen as holistic, alternative methods in the western world for those looking to take a more holistic connected or spiritual approach to whatever’s troubling them.

Balian healers are seen as complementary to western-style medicine and still seen in high regard in Bali.

Whether you plan to come to Bali for these remedies or rituals (which is an amazing experience and highly recommended) or just want to learn more, here are some traditional healing remedies used by the Balinese.

#1 Balinese Massage

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Massages are seen as important for healing in Bali, and you’ll have no trouble finding massage professionals there. Traditional Balinese massage combines stretching and rhythmic strokes with acupressure. It’s not only a relaxing experience but a spiritual one as well.

You can get a traditional Balinese massage or other type of massage in our luxurious Blue Spa.

#2 Jamu Drinks

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Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine drink that has been used for hundreds of years in Indonesia. It’s made from natural, local ingredients like seeds, roots (like ginger or turmeric), leaves, and sometimes fruits. It might even include additional ingredients like milks, raw honey, even eggs.

Jamu is used throughout the area for its cleansing benefits, including detoxification of the liver and better immunity. The benefits can vary depending on the drinker’s needs and the ingredients used, but it’s an amazingly healthy drink for anyone.

Blue Karma Resort holds weekly Jamu Classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, free to our guests. We’ll teach you all about Jamu recipes, how they’re made, and their benefits. Find out more here.

#3 Purification Ceremonies

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These ceremonies are often held at significant times in life, such as rites of passages or in times of stress or wrongdoing. They are also used as forms of detoxification when a life change or reset is needed.

Most purification rituals are held in one of Bali’s village temples and sometimes involve sacred masks or other ritual items. During our Detox Luxury Retreat, you’ll receive a purification ritual at the beautiful Sebatu Sacred Waterfalls.

#4 Boreh Masks and Scrubs

Boreh is one of the top secrets of Balinese beauty. It includes a traditional recipe of herb and spices used for healing and supporting youth and body revival. Rice farmers used to grind boreh paste fresh in their kitchens after a long day’s work and apply it to their bodies to revive and relieve sore joints and muscles. It was also used at night to stay warm.

Boreh is also fantastic for exfoliating and increasing circulation in the skin, improving digestive, and invigorating the nervous system to rejuvenate you.

Blue Karma Resort offers a Boreh Class too! You’ll learn how to make the traditional Balinese Tiger Balm body scrub and mask. These are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and are free to our guests. Learn more here.

Along with its ancient and natural healing methods, there is much to enjoy and benefit from in Bali. Some say the island itself can have healing properties, especially for those who need a refuge from their everyday life. We welcome you to vacation in Bali and stay in us at Blue Karma Resort in our convenient Seminyak or Ubud locations!

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