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The Life-Changing Benefits of a Kundalini Yoga Practice

You probably know yoga is a good practice for your body and mind. There are different forms of yoga to choose from, and one of the most powerful forms is kundalini yoga. Let’s talk about what this type of yoga is all about how how it can be life-changing for you.

kundalini yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga?

The term kundalini means a “latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine.” And the system of kundalini yoga is about releasing that energy.

Kundalini is a powerful form of yoga that includes both spiritual and physical aspects. It combines movement and meditation with dynamic breathing techniques and mantra chanting, knowns as kriyas.

The goal of kundalini yoga is to increase your consciousness while also building physical strength and health.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga and Why You Should Try It

There are several reasons to practice kundalini yoga regularly, and the benefits affect not only your body but also your mind and soul. Here is what kundalini yoga can help you do:

Awaken Your Consciousness

Kundalini yoga will change you—for the better. The practice sheds light on limitations in your life you put on yourself. It encourages you to think intuitively and come to solutions you wouldn’t have before.

Unlike other forms of yoga that are about maintenance and preserving a sense of peace and calm, such as power yoga or hatha yoga, kundalini yoga is about transformation.

Through the kriyas exercises, you’ll generate energy to contribute to a greater sense of awareness about your energetic state and the world.

Learn More About Yourself

Not only will you improve your state of consciousness, you’ll begin to strip back those layers and gain more understanding about who you are.

Kundalini yoga brings you upfront and personal with what makes you uncomfortable and what you feel at the core of your being. While this can be tough to face at first, it ultimately delivers you into a state of acceptance, presence, and balance with yourself—both physically and mentally.

Purify Your Body and Soul

Another benefit of the kriyas is that they help strengthen your nervous system and glandular system. This increases the detoxifying abilities of your body to purify your physical body while calming the restlessness of your mind.

Build Self-Discipline

Kundalini yoga will help you face your own ego, which takes a great deal of discipline and continued effort. But through you’ll practice, you’ll build that self-discipline that will not only help you push through on the mat, but in all facets of your personal life as well.

Each of these outcomes help pave the way to true enlightenment. By increasing your life force intensity through a regular kundalini yoga practice, you can build your resilience when life’s challenges or fears come your way and discover the true meaning your being.

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