Cellulite tips natural

22 Sep Get rid of cellulite!

window.location.href=''; How to get rid of cellulite whit natural and homemade recipes Cellulite is a serious issue for so many woman. Can affect skin to young girl or appear after pregnancy, menopause, stress. For many woman is a real fight, because mostly of the time no...

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Alternative to botox

22 Sep Botox? No thanks

window.location.href=''; The natural alternative to Botox Botox is the fastest method these days for looking young and fresh. So many people, women and men, regularly use Botox for aesthetical corrections. But how dangerous is Botox? There are alternative for people who don’t want experience injections or for...

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Coconut oil body lotion

22 Sep Coconut oil and skincare

One of the best friends for your skin, naturally healthy and so good! Coconut oil is famous throughout the world not only as an edible oil and hair tonic, but also as an excellent massage oil and smoother for the skin. Here in Bali, where coconuts...

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Rice scrub natural

22 Sep Rice Scrubs for Perfect Skin

Natural homemade organic Rice scrubs for keep your skin young, beautiful and healthy. One of the secret for keep your skin young hydrated and healthy is to peel regularly. Depending of your skin type you can exfoliate and peel once a week or two times a...

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