We cannot even count the benefits of a seasonal cleanse, and for that reason we will only put emphasis on body, mind and spirit renewal. With the start of every season, we have to get rid of all the toxins in our body and to allow our body to return to its natural state. People who lead healthy life will benefit from a seasonal cleanse, but people with habits that are not so supportive of their health are the ones who have greater need for cleanse.
Colonics are also important because they speed up the detoxification process. The toxic waste from all of the organs ends up in your colon.

Colonic Bali Seminyak

What to do Before Colonics?

You should drink a lot of water every day, especially before colonic to make sure that you are hydrated for the session. Try to eat healthy foods couple of days before.  Have a meal two or three hours before the session, but nothing after that. Give yourself the time needed to relax. You need to be in a calm state of mind since your body will respond the best to any treatment when it is relaxed.

You can do a 3 day juice cleanse detox in order to prepare for your colon hydrotherapy. Try these 3 recopies which will help clean your body from toxins.

  • Ultimate Green Juice – This juice is made of 1 bunch of celery, couple of kale leaves, 1 green apple, 1 lemon, 1 lime and couple of parsley leaves and 1 inch ginger.
  • Beet Apple and Blackberry Juice – 1 big or 3 small beets, 2 apples, 8 oz. blackberries and 1-inch ginger.
  • Tropical Paradise – 1 papaya, 1 small pineapple, 1 inch fresh ginger, 1 kiwi, half cup coconut water.

What to do During Cleanse?

If you start, juice cleansing process then you should stick to it 100% of the time. Eating slows down the process, but if you must eat then you should choose organic food only.
Another thing that is recommended is exercise, but only light, such as yoga or walks. Your energy levels will change so be careful what your body needs before exercise.
Cleanse is a process that you undertake for your own well being, so for that reason this should be the time that you dedicate to yourself. Avoid crowded places with loud music, instead stay at home and write a journal and listen to a gentle music.

What to do After Cleanse?

You can gradually return to eating solid food. Again, you can eat organic food the first day and after that, you can add brown rice and eggs to your diet. Chicken meat can be added only 4 to 5 days after juice cleanse.
This can be a difficult process for some people; especially those who are not used to leading a healthy lifestyle, but use this experience to create one and you will feel much better in your own body in no time.

Juice detox bali

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