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Bali Activities the Whole Family Will Love

When you have a family and are planning a vacation, there are many things to think about. Are the activities age appropriate for the kids? Will the adults enjoy the trip too? Will what you do be fun and as stress-free as possible for everyone? These are all concerns we’ve considered when thinking about our Blue Karma Resort visitors — and that’s why we’ve combined some of the best family-oriented activities in Bali just for you!

The Perfect Family Getaway Activities in Bali

Each of these activities are well-rated, safe, and fun for the whole family:

Balinese Painting Classes

Bali has a rich art culture, and taking part in a painting class or workshop is a great way to let the whole family have fun getting creative while learning more about the local painting styles. You’ll get painting materials and learn a lot under your class’s painting instructor.

Bali Bird Park

Bali Activities - Bali Bird Park

Pic credit: Bali Bird Park

The Bali Bird Park is another great opportunity for both kids and adults! It’s definitely a favorite activity in the area for single people and families alike. The park includes over 250 species of birds and the owners are passionate about the preservation, conservation, and breeding of birds from the both Indonesian area and elsewhere.

The family will get a chance to not only view the many bird species but also learn about them. The park includes a 4D cinema experience (which is air conditioned) including a surround-sound viewing of the park’s birds.

Inside, there’s also a Rainforest Cafe where you can rejuvenate with tropical juices or ice cream! Plus, just adjacent to the bird park, there’s the Reptile Park available to visit.

Bali Butterfly Park

Just like with the bird park, the Bali Butterfly Park offers a fun experience for viewing beautiful butterflies while also providing an educational opportunity to learn more about them. This park is the only place where butterflies are both preserved and breeded as well as researched for educational and scientific reasons.

You’ll see some of the most famous species of butterflies in the whole world, get to take pictures among them, and give the kids an experience they’ll hopefully remember for a long time. Admission to the park includes a cold, refreshing mango juice drink for everyone. If you get hungry, there’s a mini restaurant — and don’t forget about the souvenir shop!

Tanah Lot Temple

Bali activities - Tanah Lot Temple

The Tanah Lot Temple is one of the best-known landmarks in Bali and is surrounded by a prime location and magnificence crashing waves. The view from the temple is beautiful at sunset, and all around it are restaurants, shops, and even a park for the family to enjoy.

Kid-Free Activities

Don’t forget that your trip can include some alone time without the kids too! You might be thinking, “but there’s no one to watch them!” That’s where we can help.

Our Family Getaway in Bali offering includes a spa treatment for two and a romantic dinner by candlelight, all while one of our professional babysitters watches your kids. Enjoy a little time alone together during your vacation before getting back to the fun as a family.

To find out more about the Bali family retreat offered at Blue Karma Resort, click here or contact us.

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