13 Jul

Why Everyone Should Do a Meditation Retreat

Meditation is one of the best ways to get more in tune with yourself and provide a higher enrichment in your life. At Blue Karma Resort, we’re passionate about making meditation and other wellness practices accessible to everyone on their vacation—and that includes meditation retreats.

If you’ve been thinking some time away for meditation would do you good, we agree! Plus, there’s no better place to experience inner calm than among the beautiful tropics of Bali. Here are four reasons why we believe everyone should do a meditation retreat in Bali:

You’ll Get in Touch With Your Deepest Desires

Let us be clear: there’s no requirement to know what your desires are when you come to a meditation retreat. In fact, many people join meditation classes because they aren’t yet sure what they want in life. Either way, you’ll be welcome to use meditation as whatever experience you’d like to make it.

It’s important to know that meditation is an ongoing practice without a true destination—and that’s the beauty of it.

It Adds More to Your Life

Many people approach meditation as something that’s being taken away from them; they assume it goes hand-in-hand with giving up other pleasures in life, such as sugar, coffee, alcohol, or sex. But really, meditation is meant to simply add onto your existing life—no matter what your daily lifestyle is like.

You’ll Learn the Basic Foundations of Meditation

If you’re someone who has heard about the benefits of meditation and think it could help you but actually getting started feels daunting or uncomfortable, a meditation retreat is exactly what you need. A good portion of those who come to meditation classes are doing it for the first time, and educators are used to starting you with the basics.

Even if you’ve been meditating for a good while now, there is always opportunity to learn more from a meditation retreat. People at all levels in their journey are welcome.

Meditation Retreat

You’ll Make Some Beautiful Connections

Meditation and yoga retreats are great opportunities to meet other individuals who share your interests or who are on a similar life journey to you. It’s not uncommon for participants to make life-long friends, and even sometimes find life partners, at meditation retreats. So, whether you’re single and looking or already happily married, what you can expect is to make meaningful connections that will further enrich your life.

You’ll Set a Realistic Foundation

Although the regimen might be more strict during a retreat, there’s no pressure to continue that way once you leave. However, much like doing a juice cleanse to ease yourself into healthy eating, a meditation retreat can help you “reset” and set the foundation for daily meditation.

What’s most important is learning the tools to continue promoting your own wellness even after you leave the meditation classes and go out into “normal” life again.

At Blue Karma Resort, we’re proud to often hold meditation retreats from one of our two resort locations. We also offer a Tantra Yoga and Breathing Techniques Meditation special at our Blue Karma Ubud location.

You’ll stay in our Superior Garden Suite and take part in a yoga class and tantra yoga and breathing techniques meditation. The package also includes a daily buffet breakfast, complimentary rice paddies walk complete with a fresh coconut drink, and a free shuttle service to the center of Ubud. You can find out more about this offering here.

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