Our Commitments

  1. Reduction of plastic usage to its very minimum, to get as close as possible to a Zero plastic policy:
    No more plastic bottles throughout the resort. Would it be in your minibar or at the restaurant, water is always sold in glass re-usable bottles. Should you wish to purchase water to bring on your journey, we would provide you a consigned stainless-steel bottle. (The water in these bottles is premium Natural Mineral Water certified by the Indonesian National Standard. This bottle is reusable, saving Blue Karma Resort from disposing of about 20,000 plastic bottles each year.
    No more plastic bags in Housekeeping department such as in rooms trash bin. The kitchen also stops using plastic bags.
    Working together with fruit and vegetable supplier so that items delivered are not packed in plastic bags anymore.
    No more plastic straw in our bar, now using Avana products (we could link to this youtube presentation or some nice blog telling their story example). We are now growing plenty of papaya trees. So apart from soon being able to serve you the sweetest fruits straight from our garden, the branches of these trees can be used as the most elegant and the most natural straw.
  2. Reduction of the amount of trash sent to landfill.
    Besides significantly reducing the amount of plastic used and therefore sent to landfill, we have also managed to reduce this amount by 50% as we started our on-site organic garden and composting (deep litter chicken coop composting).
  3. Energy efficiency
    Low wattage LED lights are used throughout the resort and efforts are always made to reduce power consumption and research new ways to save energy: ie moving from standard energy efficient fluorescent globes to newer technology LED lights
    Energy is conserved by using natural circulation and limiting usage of air-conditioning to its minimum.
    All buildings use natural lighting during the day from windows and skylights.
    Dishes are washed by hand. No Dishwashing machines.
  4. In the Kitchen
    We source other produce locally where possible to minimize packaging and emissions from transport. Other items are purchased in bulk to minimize packaging.
    Locally grown coffee, palm sugar, vanilla, eggs and coconuts are used.
    Herbs & spices freshly ground daily.
    Blue Karma Resort Herbs & spices freshly ground daily.
  5. Waste Management
    Blue Karma Resort utilizes waste segregation and works with a nearby rubbish tip where locals make a living from selling recyclables.
  6. Community and Staffing
    Giving back to the community is a large part of the purpose of Blue Karma Resort: to help provide a future for the young people with all staff sourced from the local areas and trained in hospitality and eco practices.
    Blue Karma Ubud offers daily complimentary classes to the children of our neighborhood: Balinese dance class, Yoga class, Painting class.
    Blue Karma Resort tries to keep on sharing with children of the local community best practices where the importance of removing plastic from the environment is particularly stressed.
    Local suppliers are used for food and construction materials and wherever possible, environmental awareness is promoted to them also.
    Regular donations are made to local Banjar and ceremonies.
    Any staff hospital expenses are covered including 3 months full pay maternity leave, and two weeks full pay paternal leave for fathers.
    Staff are paid above average wages and have 1 month’s holiday annually.
    Blue Karma Resort has a good working relationship with their staff and hence are a popular employer.
    Blue Karma Resort’s mini shop supports local entrepreneurs and sells Nalu Bags (WE ENVISION A WORLD OF EDUCATION // FOR ALL every 4 products we sell we give a school uniform to a child who needs one).
    Blue Karma Resort committed to support Yayasan Solemen Indonesia, a Bali based Indonesian registered non-profit foundation working alongside accredited agencies and projects to alleviate suffering and support the disadvantaged in Bali. Solemen provides health and safety education as well as teaching how to respect and protect the environment. Check out their whish list before you fly and see if some of those items would suit in your suitcase.
    Lamp shades in Blue Karma Seminyak rooms and villas are made by one of Solemen Solebuddies. An amazing hand-made work of art and patience.
  7. Land Conservation
    Minimal trees were removed during construction of the resort.
    Only plant-based herbicides and pesticides are used in garden and grounds.
    All cleaning products are natural bio-degradable and produced locally in Bali.
    Our resort landscaping uses local species of plants
    Blue Karma Ubud has planted many native fruit and nut trees to encourage insects and wildlife.
  8. Future
    Blue Karma Resort will keep on working on water and garbage management to preserve the environment.
    We will continue to inform and make local villagers sensitive to waste management so that these skills become part of their daily lives and the next generation will be more responsible with garbage disposal.
    Blue Karma Resort will continue to review, plan, update and implement their eco policy for best practices for the environment.
    Blue Karma Resort management will mentor and encourage other tourism operators to operate more responsibly.


‘The Earth is what we all have in common’ Blue Karma Resort always greener