06 Nov

Say Goodbye to Intimate Itchiness at Ratus Vaginal Spa

Every woman suffers from intimate infections and experiences foul feminine odors, especially after menstruation. These infections may become fatal if not attended to frequently. Vaginal hygiene is extremely important. A vaginal spa is very common in the Indonesian Culture. Most Indonesian women get a vaginal fogging once a month to relax their intimate parts. Here is a little insight in to how this Indonesian massage is performed:

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Let’s freshen up Miss ‘V’

Very often referred to as Miss ‘V’, a woman’s vagina is the most delicate and intimate part of a woman’s body. In everyday life, most women don’t get much time for themselves and they don’t clean their intimate parts very often. This can lead to a number of infections and inflammation down there.
Ratus Vagina is a famous Indonesian treatment that helps to decrease vaginal stress, aid infertility, help manage your menstrual cycle and also fight a number of vaginal infections. Intimate care is very important so that you feel fresh and there are no unpleasant odors in your intimate area.

  • At the outset, a professional therapist gives you a body massage for some time, so that you can loosen up and feel really comfortable. The room is filled with aromatic smells and you feel really relaxed and sleepy. The soft lighting of the room makes you completely at ease with your body.
  • After this, your intimate parts are cleaned gently. The therapist now puts some small herbal balls in to the outermost folds of the skin. These balls resemble the seeds of a papaya and Miss ‘V’, after being stimulated, looks exactly like a ripe papaya!
  • After a while, you are made to wear a long hollow dress in such a way that your ankles are completely covered. This is to ensure that the steam doesn’t escape at all. You are then made to sit on a wooden chair that has a hole in the centre. Right below this hole, a traditional charcoal grill is placed. A ceramic pot is placed on the grill, from which venus smoke comes out and strokes your private parts.
  • The sweet-scented smell of the herbs fills the room and Miss ‘V’ continues to be smoked. Most women are unable to get the smoke all at once. The heat is very intense and you might need to take a break after a while. These herbs are known for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. They help in tightening the muscles of the vagina and get rid of all the foul odors from your vagina. All the mucous also get cleaned.
  • After being fogged for some time, your intimate area is gently cleaned and all the dirt is wiped. In some spas, the client is made to sit on a bucket that is filled with fragrant water. The vagina is submerged in the water for a while. It helps in further cleansing of your private parts.

Many women get this spa treatment in order to treat their yeast infection. It is a great way to rejuvenate your intimate area. It also helps to reduce the excess moisture and you feel like a virgin again!

If you want to experience this relaxing vaginal treatment, you can do so at the Blue Karma Seminyak Spa. To book an appointment, contact us via email.

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