22 Sep

Rice Scrubs for Perfect Skin

Natural homemade organic Rice scrubs for keep your skin young, beautiful and healthy.

One of the secret for keep your skin young hydrated and healthy is to peel regularly. Depending of your skin type you can exfoliate and peel once a week or two times a month , if your skin is sensitive. With the peeling you help to regenerate deeply your skin, by getting rid of dead cells. And you improve significantly the blood circulation.  Then your skin will be ready to absorb more Easley all the nutrients present in your body lotion, cream or oil.

There is thousand of different scrub good for exfoliate the skin, today we choose the Rice like main ingredient to some scrubs that you can make by yourself.

Rice has always been used for beauty treatments. Is well know for softening the skin, hydratate and relive inflamations. Easy to find, at a very affordable price, is the perfect solution for your regular beauty routine.

We select for you three different kind of Rice Scrubs for face, easy to prepare,  that you can try and enjoy.


Rice scrub for Oily skin

If your skin is oily you will be happy to know that rice with baking soda can really give you the mat effect on your skin and prevent acne. Use rice flour and add a pinch of baking soda and a tea spoon of honey. Make a paste and then apply on your face. Massage at least for one minute with circular movement, then wash with cold water. You can do this scrub twice a week.

Rice scrub for dry skin

What if you have dry skin? The combination of rice and honey and yogurt can be perfect for you. Honey have many antioxidant and yogurt a good moisturizing ingredient. Both of this ingredients refresh your dry skin and make your face shin and glow.  Use rice flour, add a tea spoon of honey and one of yogurt. Massage gently for one minute and leve the scrub in your face as a mask for other 2 minute before wash it away with warm water.

Rice anti aging scrub 

Use rice flour, raw sugar and yogurt and make a past. Massage for one minute especially focusing in you deep wrinkles, and then wash with cold water. All this ingredients rejuvenates skin and leave you a clean fresh and yougher aspect..

Remember always to be gentle with your skin, never scrub to many times a week and always be delicate when you massage the scrub, so you avoid the risk to damage your skin. After the exfoliation it s really important that you provide immediately hydratation to your skin by using cream, lotion or oil.

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