18 Apr

How to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle

When it comes to food, much of what we consume today is refined, unnatural and even toxic to the human body. Canned, dehydrated foods usually contain chemicals or highly processed ingredients that aren’t good for you and can cause harm to your health. These include high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, refined grains and flavor enhancers like Monosodium Glutamate Acid.

Despite the plethora of information and knowledge that’s available today on health, eating healthy and healthy foods, the struggle to control our eating habits is very real and for some, extremely difficult. Almost everything on the shelves today contains one or more of the above-said chemicals, plus, they are so easy to purchase.

As such, letting go of these types of foods becomes a hard fought battle, as our desire for them gradually intensifies. Your taste buds are so accustomed to the artificial chemicals, that it has become difficult to enjoy eating all-natural whole foods.

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We believe that the cleaner the body, the more in tune you’ll be with your body’s wants and needs. You may remember trying coffee for the first time and noticed a strong initial distaste for it. But over time you became accustomed to it, and so the cravings persist – drinking coffee has now become a habit that is exceptionally difficult to break.

The best way to help detox your taste buds and return it to its natural state is to stop consuming foods that are harmful to your health. Given enough time, any new habit can be formed, which will give your body a chance to heal as you let go of old addictions that were not benefiting you in the first place. This feeling of health and vitality is something worth cultivating and maintaining.

There is a simple way to do this; start with a juice cleanse. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. Freshly extracted juices are highly alkalizing and will help to restore your body’s pH balance. Raw juices are hydrating and full of high-quality nutrients, and when condensed in liquid form, are easily absorbed by the body. This is one of the best methods for weaning off addictive foods which do not promote health and well-being.

A successful juice cleanses will leave you wanting more healthy raw fruits and vegetables. As you work on changing your outlook on healthy eating, you will also renew your mind, body, and spirit. Eating raw fruits and greens becomes an enjoyable experience and you’ll soon be able to taste subtle and delicate sweetness in the natural foods that you may have previously found bland. Many of our clients have had amazing results after their juice cleanse, restoring their youth and beauty while gaining an abundance of energy.

A typical juice cleanse should last for up to 10 days to help readjust your mind and body to the healthier lifestyle. Once weaned off processed and refined foods, you can easily start living and enjoying a healthier lifestyle. But, where to begin? The answer lies here at Blue Karma Resort via our Detox Retreat package that will help you take your first step towards rejuvenating and cleansing your body. We can also help you find a package that suits you best. Contact us now.

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