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28 Mar Dont Miss These Top Art Galleries in Seminyak

One of the great things about travel is the opportunity to explore the unique culture of each area. That’s why those traveling to Seminyak definitely don’t want to miss out on the interesting art galleries the area offers. From works done by traditional artists to the downright quirky, there’s plenty to check out.

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Rice fields tour

07 Mar Ubud Best Options for Transportation in Ubud

window.location.href=''; Ubud’s worldwide reputation as Bali’s cultural and artistic centre has turned this once quiet village into a bustling tourists’ hub; with no shortages of boutiques, restaurants, bars and villas that stand alongside museums, art galleries and other historic landmarks. This is the place to...

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Flores by Sunset

24 Jan Flores Island and Its People and Culture

window.location.href=''; One of the most unique and delightful aspects of Flores Island, besides its immense natural beauty, is its people and culture. Visiting Flores Island means getting to know the daily life of the local people and their lifestyles and traditions. Open-minded and friendly, the...

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Gili island beach boat

22 Sep Gili Islands on Bicycle

window.location.href=''; Explore the Beauty of Nature Gili Island, located just off the coastal area of Lombok, is considered as one of  Indonesia’s most visited places. The Gilis actually are three small islands visited by thousands of travel freaks each year. The isle offers peace, tranquility and...

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Coffee luwak

22 Sep Luwak coffee “An exotic indonesian drink”

window.location.href=''; Luwak coffee (kopi Luwak) is a unique, fine and exotic coffee and the most expensive in the world, exported from Indonesia. Luwak coffee is also known as ‘Civet coffee’ because of the role played by the Asian palm civet, a native Indonesian animal that...

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Ricefields Bali Jatilawih

22 Sep Culture of Rice in Bali

window.location.href=''; An eminent legacy signifying the spectacular Balinese Culture Bali is a small island in Indonesia bestowed with lush green fields and around 150 rivers and streams, which facilitate the irrigation of ricefields. Rice and Bali have been going  hand in hand over a thousand years,...

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