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Home made detox remedies

26 Nov Detox Your Home

Everywhere you go you can hear someone bragging about how healthy they are because they have just done the latest detox program. However, have you ever wondered is that enough or you have to do something more in order to have a healthy body and...

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Juice detox bali

22 Sep One Week Detox Program “How good is it?”

window.location.href=''; Many people think that detox programs are meant for only those people who went too far with their addictions. This is a misconception. Anyone who wants to be healthy and lead an active life can undergo a detox program of their one’s choice. Such...

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Healthy barbecue recipe

22 Sep Organize an healthy barbecue

When the subject low-cal barbecue is brought to the table, it seems like it is a contradiction since a barbecue is usually associated with lots and lots of fat, calories and unhealthy food consumption. Fortunately, it is possible to prepare a healthy barbecue party with low calories and healthy...

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Cellulite tips natural

22 Sep Get rid of cellulite!

window.location.href=''; How to get rid of cellulite whit natural and homemade recipes Cellulite is a serious issue for so many woman. Can affect skin to young girl or appear after pregnancy, menopause, stress. For many woman is a real fight, because mostly of the time no...

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Alternative to botox

22 Sep Botox? No thanks

window.location.href=''; The natural alternative to Botox Botox is the fastest method these days for looking young and fresh. So many people, women and men, regularly use Botox for aesthetical corrections. But how dangerous is Botox? There are alternative for people who don’t want experience injections or for...

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Good food skin

22 Sep Top 5 Superfoods for your skin

Take care of your skin by eating, or using as skin care, these 5 incredible foods. For glowing healthy-looking and young skin, you need a great amount of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids! Balance your diet and be sure to give the right quantities of these precious...

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