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22 Sep Health benefits of Green Juicing

Many people avoid greens in their meals, because they taste bitter. This is a mistake. Green veggies and leaves are rich in nutrients and are capable of nourishing one’s entire body; keeping it strong and healthy. They contain lots of chlorophyll, which when consumed help oxygenate...

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Sugar alternatives

22 Sep The alternative to sugar

We all know that the body needs sugar. The truth is, the body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates that are obtainable in millet, sweet potatoes, rice and squash. These crops have about 2 sugars linked in a single molecule, while complex carbohydrates have many linked to each other.

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Good food skin

22 Sep Top 5 Superfoods for your skin

Take care of your skin by eating, or using as skin care, these 5 incredible foods. For glowing healthy-looking and young skin, you need a great amount of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids! Balance your diet and be sure to give the right quantities of these precious...

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Salak fruit indonesia

22 Sep Salak “An exotic indonesian fruit”

Salak is a kind of a palm tree (Arecaceae family) that specifically grows in Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. It is very well known in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Southeast Asia. Salak also goes by the name of snake fruit or snake-skin fruit because of its rough and scaly reddish-brown skin. Its skin is almost identical to that of the pattern on a snake’s skin, sometimes covered with small spikes. Because of its botanical name salacca zalacca, it is also known as salacca fruit. It has more than 30 varieties, and most famous are Salak Bali and Salak Pondoh.

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Combat anxiety with food

16 Sep 5 Foods to Combat Anxiety

Food is a great stress buster. We all have our comfort foods and most of us have a tendency to reach for them when anxious. Food affects the way we think, behave and react and it can have a calming as well as a stimulating effect depending on our intake. Some foods can really help relieve stress and anxiety and they have a broader impact on our health if consumed for a longer term. Choosing such foods can lower the need for medication over time  and help to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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