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22 Sep Yoga for stress management

Find your balance on and off your mat Talking about stress also means talking about the hormone cortisol. Under normal conditions, your brain slowly releases cortisol into your body to make your muscles work. However, if you’re highly stressed (late for work, deadline due, screaming baby:...

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Combat anxiety with food

16 Sep 5 Foods to Combat Anxiety

Food is a great stress buster. We all have our comfort foods and most of us have a tendency to reach for them when anxious. Food affects the way we think, behave and react and it can have a calming as well as a stimulating effect depending on our intake. Some foods can really help relieve stress and anxiety and they have a broader impact on our health if consumed for a longer term. Choosing such foods can lower the need for medication over time  and help to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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