The One Secret You’ll Wish To Share With The World

17 Jul

The One Secret You’ll Wish To Share With The World

From the affectionate beckoning of a loved one reserved only for your nearest of beau’s, to the hours of deliberation between an expectant mother and father eagerly waiting to welcome their firstborn child, often pondered are the idiosyncrasies of a simple name; something that might feel seemingly irrelevant at first glance; it is, after all, just a name.

But the affinity of one’s label can often lead to a perception that may or may not reflect on the inner psyche of its holder, and the emotion attached to a simple name runs far more profound than we rarely give conscious thought.

This was not the case for the definitive collection of escapes, Blue Karma Resorts, though, after 6 years of providing guests with the most beautiful luxury resort collection in Bali, the Blue Karma family have unearthed a new energy; a new identity and this August will see them embark on a new journey under their brand new name: Blue Karma Secrets.’

The change in name comes at a time of new adventures and a future vision driven by Blue Karma founder Alexa Genoyer, whose own creativity and enriching values resonate harmoniously throughout the Blue Karma team.  A culture born from a passionate and conscientious desire to deliver immersive, ethnic experiences to guests from all over the world, and one that spans holistically through any language, religion or race.    

Blue Karma’s natural demure affects guests unlike any other. Hypnotic, hidden sanctuaries of relaxation and tranquil oases flow effortlessly throughout the collection, and each one of the exquisitely appointed properties offers something unique to all that choose to spend time; allowing every guest the opportunity to discover their secret and begin a story of their own.

Perhaps another echo of Alexa’s unwavering attention to detail or moreover her gentle passion for humankind; from the enchanting, private, luxury, Bali Ethnic Villas at Umalas, to the cultural heart of the island, Ubud Nestling Hotel, back to the vibrant beach resort of Seminyak where a unique Oasis Escape resides. There is an essence of poetry that drifts calmly between them and an energy that can only be felt, not transcribed.

This energy now forms a new bond with the latest addition to the Blue Karma Secrets collection as they head from land to sea with their luxury traditional Pinisi Boat, aptly named The Oracle. Another shining example of the Blue Karma commitment and respect toward local cultures.

Due to set sail throughout the Indonesian Archipelago for guests in April 2019. The Oracle is a feat of engineering reserved only for the handcrafting talents of the residents at the Bulukumba regency of South Sulawesi. World heritage agency UNESCO even designated Pinisi boat-building: ‘The Proclamation of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’

which may sound like a mouthful, but ensures continued awareness of their cultural heritage, protects the integrity of skill and sustains the artistic expressions of the people of South Sulawesi.

It’s easy to see now why it is so much more than just a name. It’s an expression of identity, an evolution of a community that has, through time, become entwined to the very roots of inclusive society.  It is a secret; a different kind of mystery; one reserved for you all; it’s our secret; it’s your secret.

We invite you to discover your own Blue Karma Secrets.

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