The Ultimate Spiritual Bali Awakeing
Into Your Divine Feminine

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Ultimate Spiritual Bali Awakening Into Your Divine Feminine

With Tamika Hilder

March 1- 7, 2017

Days 1, 3-7: Sacred Feminine Empowerment

Key elements of the workshop:


Connecting to the very reason you are here and manifesting that for a life of fulfillment


Clearing, healing and activating the womb. Opening the pathways for Shakti flow.
Clearing guilt, shame and learning to honour your sacred sexuality and make empowered choices.


Finding your voice again, and the power to express your truth, wisdom and your soul message.
Opening this pathway for free, authentic expression. Deep and primal emotional expression and healing.


Feeling at home within your body and comfortable in your own skin.
Healing the relationship to your body and re-creating the relationship with your body as a vehicle for your soul expression.
Helping you to feel free, unhindered in your physical expression and body movement with free-flowing energy in your body.
Learning to love your body as the temple it is and to see the physical as a sacred expression of your soul.


Understanding polarity in relationship. Communication in relationship.
Conscious relationship. Healing past relationship wounds.

Workshop practices include:

Yin Yoga


Emotional clearing

Transformative breathing techniques

Dance practices

Meditative sound practices, and

Unique embodiment meditations

Womb clearing, visualization and energy practices


We will be working each day from the morning until late in the evening,
stopping only for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and
massage/rest/relaxation/silence/reflection times.

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