12 Oct

Vacationing in Ubud? 4 Reasons to Include a Yoga Retreat

Planning a vacation to Bali? Congratulations! You’ll have an amazing opportunity to treat yourself and take a break from the normal flow of life. But have you considered making a retreat part of your stay?

At Blue Karma Resort, we like to recommend a yoga retreat in Ubud for those who want a little extra mind-body benefit during their vacation. That’s why we’re always happy to schedule one for you during your stay. But if you aren’t sure whether a yoga retreat is for you, here are the top five benefits we see our guests experience:

#1 Giving Yourself “Me” Time

vacation - yoga retreat in Ubud

Vacation time is good and important, but not everyone actually relaxes during their time off. Sometimes holiday time becomes all about “doing” during the vacation. While this can be fun, it doesn’t give you mind/body/soul all the rest it needs before heading back to “real” life.

Scheduling a yoga retreat into your vacation time can ensure you take some time to stop, slow down, and take time to look inward. This is a priceless gift you can give yourself — and anyone in your party who also needs it. You can expect to leave the retreat time feeling rejuvenated, energized, and perhaps even experience some revelations about your life.

#2 Detoxing Mind and Body

Yoga is already good for your body and mind, so a retreat does that and more. Most will include some sort of cleansing foods or juices during the retreat, and the instructor will help you care for your mind and emotions during each practice. You’ll also be practicing yoga at least once a day, keeping you mindful during your whole stay.

#3 Developing Healthy Habits (or Deepening Your Practice)

If you are pretty new to yoga, immersing yourself in a retreat is a great way to develop a daily habit to take home with you. And if you’re already a regular yogi, a retreat can further deepen your practice and teach you new things along the way.

Ubud yoga retreats are perfect for a full mind-body experience, no matter how well-verse you are in yoga. It’s a continual practice that’s always flowing and improving your flexibility, strength, and self-awareness to change your life.

#4 Going Beyond Yoga

yoga retreat Ubud - Blue Karma Resort

Most retreats will include more than just daily yoga classes. You’ll get wholesome foods or raw juices to detox your system and spa services like massages.This gives you the chance to learn about the benefits of juices or detoxing.

Some retreats will even teach you new mind-body principles to improve your everyday life. During our Yoga and Ayurveda Immersion, for example, participants learn about the Ayurveda lifestyle, their personal mental and physical constitution, and can use that knowledge to improve their life beyond vacation.

A yoga retreat in Ubud enhances your vacation time, ensuring you spend some of it on your own personal well being. This is not only a great way to treat yourself but will also allow you to enjoy and relax into your vacation time even more.

Blue Karma Resort offers several yoga retreats to choose from. You can learn more about them here and here.

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