13 Feb

Why Athletes Should Do Yoga Every Day

Yoga is an activity anyone can benefit from practicing, and athletes are no exception. If you’re someone who plays a sport or just enjoys strenuous workouts, yoga can do a wonder of good for athletic performance.

It might be hard to believe, as yoga is quite different and much more peaceful than the competitive nature of sports and the gym. But yoga has tons of athletic benefit. Here are the biggest ones and the reasons why athletes should include yoga in their training routine:

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Yoga Builds Strength

Nothing compares to being able to hold your own bodyweight for extended periods of time. Even if you’re used to lifting really heavy weights, yoga poses build strength in a totally different way, teaching you to be flexible in all areas.

Yoga Improves Balance

So many yoga poses require balance, and balance is crucial for success in any athletic endeavor.

The more you do yoga, the better you get at improving overall balance in everything else. And when balance is improved during exercise, it can greatly reduce the chances of falling or sustaining injuries.

Yoga Increases Flexibility

The constant stretching in yoga works wonders for flexibility, which is extremely overrated and often underutilized in athletics. Being more flexible gives you a great range of motion, which is amazing for sports involving swinging movements like golf or tennis, and makes movement easier in everything else.

Like better balance, increased flexibility also helps prevent injuries.

Yoga Targets Your Core

Every yoga pose requires core strength, making it an amazing activity for building your core – the center of everything you do. Those with back issues might feel a lot better just by strengthening their core muscles through regular yoga.

Yoga Builds Endurance

Yoga teaches you the practice of meditation and patience, tuning you into your body and mind. You become better at slowing down and pacing yourself, which can actually improve performance and efficiency. This is a great tool for those who do endurance activities like marathons, triathlons, Ironmans, or swimming.

Yoga Improves Stability

Yoga builds those little stabilizing muscles that are often left out with other forms of workouts. While these might not seem like a huge deal, they’re actually vital in protecting the spine, back, and joints over time, especially for athletes.

Yoga Speeds Recovery

Downward Dog - yoga positions

For athletes who are injured or resting during off season, yoga is the perfect activity for gently caring for the body. It allows you to tune into your body further to understand its needs, as well as elongates the muscles so they can heal and just become stronger when needed.

Besides the physical benefits, yoga has mental benefits for athletes too. It teaches you to slow down enough to listen to yourself, to meditate on how you feel physically and mentally, and tap into a powerful mind-body experience that athletes need.

If you’re ready to give yoga a shot, here are some basic poses that are great for athletes and perfect to start with:

  • Eagle pose
  • Downward dog
  • Upward dog
  • Pigeon pose
  • Warrior II
  • Child’s pose

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