15 Feb

Why Bali is the Perfect Place for Your Next Vacation

Looking for the best place for your next vacation, or maybe your honeymoon? Bali offers a huge variety of Bali activities for people of all ages and needs, making it a great spot to spend your well-deserved free time — from the beautiful beaches to the rich culture and amazing food and everything in between.

Still not convinced? Here are five of the top reasons Bali is the perfect place for vacation:

travel tips bali - beach

#1 The Amazing Beaches

Bali has a wide variety of beaches to enjoy. From white sand to black sand and “hidden” locations, the beaches with their crystalline waters are great whether you want to work on your tan, wade in the water, run on the sand, or ride the waves with some surfing.

Plus, many of Bali’s greatest restaurants and hotels are perched near the water, giving you the chance to sleep or dine with an amazing view!

#2 The Cheerful Weather

No matter the temperatures or the season where you live, it’s almost guaranteed Bali will be beautiful whenever you come due to its location just eight degrees south of the equator.

Although Bali has both a “dry season” (May through September) and “rainy” seasons (October through April), it’s really enjoyable at anytime, and coming during the off season just means you don’t have to share the area with as many people. Either way, you’ll have plenty of beach time and chances to enjoy seasonal festivities and the natural beauty available year round.

#3 The Friendly People

Bali is known for its amazing hospitality, making it easy to feel like you’re among friends even if you’re across the world.

Staff and locals alike are friendly, and the Bali are often celebrating life with events and other Bali activities. It’s that personal connection that so many of us don’t get enough of in these days of modern technology.

#4 The Spiritual Temples

Besakih Temple

Fans of local culture will love the Bali temples and their history. Many of them can be accessed through a lovely hike and are accompanied by the perfect backdrop for pictures. Plus they come with a rich history you’ll love learning about.

Blue Karma offers several retreats that include visits to local temples, like the Balinese Culture offer where you can visit the Besakih Mother Temple near Mount Agung.

#5 The Affordability

If you’re on a budget or looking for a vacation that won’t break the bank, Bali is a smart choice and worth way more than its cost.

Although you can find plenty of high-scale resorts and restaurants, there are also plenty of ways to eat, sleep, and adventure much more affordably than you could anywhere else. You can find several guides online to help you make smart options.

At Blue Karma Resort, we hope you choose a location in beautiful Bali for your next trip. And when you arrive, we’re happy to be your temporary “home away from home” as you enjoy everything this exotic island has to offer. Contact us here today to book your room in Seminyak or Ubud!

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